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Corporate Partners & Foundations

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Every child deserves a safe childhood.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children cultivates dynamic corporate partnerships that provide vital financial, in-kind and programmatic support to our organization. Corporate partner collaboration is critical to the mission of finding missing children, reducing child sexual exploitation and preventing future victimization.


With significant contributions at the highest level, corporate partners at the Protector level demonstrate a generous annual commitment to NCMEC’s cause through financial and in-kind support, as well as ongoing efforts to elevate the mission of keeping children safe.

white A on red background with Adobe written in black at the bottom

Adobe partners with NCMEC to leverage computer technology to keep children safer. By donating essential software tools used in technological support and age progressions, in addition to funding important prevention education programs such as NetSmartz, Adobe has enabled NCMEC to analyze images, create educational content, and improve web content and functionality like never before.


Amazon is committed to preventing child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Amazon dedicates significant resources to combat CSAM and makes ongoing investments in new technologies and tools to enhance the capability for CSAM prevention, detection, response, and removal. In 2023, Amazon provided NCMEC millions of dollars in AWS offerings to enable the reliable operation of mission-critical infrastructure and applications that help missing and exploited children. Additionally, Amazon provides funding to the Exploited Child Division to support their hash sharing and Notice and Tracking initiatives that help remove CSAM from the internet.

gray circle with orange plus sign next to it, cellebrite written in gray

As the global leader in the digital intelligence market with a passion for technology innovation and keeping communities safe, Cellebrite provides law enforcement, military and intelligence, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of solutions that encompass digital forensics, extraction, and analytics. Cellebrite supports NCMEC by connecting law enforcement, investigative teams, forensic examiners, and analysts with its optimal resources.

google spelled out in alternating blue, red, yellow, and green letters

As a member of the Technology Coalition and the U.S. Financial Coalition Against Child Sexual Exploitation, Google works to fight online child sexual abuse material and help NCMEC better serve its mission through Google Grants for Adwords products and donated software, such as Google Earth Pro. These services, along with the incorporation of AMBER Alerts into its Public Alerts Platform, have greatly enhanced NCMEC’s ability to efficiently help search for missing and exploited children. Additionally, Google's work to make the internet a safer place is demonstrated by its Family Safety Center, which provides resources on family safety basics and keeping data secure.

orange G logo with griffeye written below it in orange

Griffeye provides digital media forensics for child sexual abuse investigations and partners with NCMEC on developing collaborative platforms to facilitate sharing of valuable information with law enforcement working on child sexual exploitation cases. This platform streamlines law enforcement's and investigators’ workflows and provides increased opportunities to prioritize first-generation material and safeguard victims from ongoing abuse. Through our partnership, Griffeye will continue to bolster the CyberTipline while also integrating its platform with NCMEC’s Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP). 

blue box with intel written in white

Intel's longstanding partnership with NCMEC has provided critical leadership, vision, and support. Thanks to its signficant commitment, NCMEC has benefitted from Intel's unique expertise in technology trends such as AI, security, industry influence, reputation, and resources. NCMEC is able to address online harms to children with Intel's help.

black infinity symbol with meta written in black next to it

Meta works closely with NCMEC to combat online child sexual exploitation. By participating in voluntary NCMEC industry initiatives, Meta is proactive in detecting child sexual abuse material on its systems and works to prevent continued victimization. Meta remains on the cutting edge by developing tools to protect children and sharing best practices with other online companies.

red, green, yellow, blue square with microsoft written to the right in gray

Microsoft's mission highlights child online protection at its core. It develops and shares technologies such as PhotoDNA and grooming detection techniques, invests in research to help better understand the threat of child sexual abuse online, works to educate consumers about keeping kids safe online, and promotes digital civility in all online interactions.

oak foundation written out in blue, the O in oak is a globe

The Oak Foundation is committed to end child sexual abuse online and offline. It supports work that accelerates action at the community, national, and global levels. Thanks to its generous support, NCMEC is launching a first-of-its-kind Global Child Sexual Exploitation Policy Platform to drive advocacy, help create consistent global policy and legislation, and ensure efforts to combat online child sexual exploitation continue to modernize globally. 

navy blue oval with old navy written in it in white

Old Navy places child safety as a core value and demonstrates this through its commitment to the Code Adam program, a protocol for store associates to follow if a child should become missing when in their store. Through Code Adam, Old Navy provides customers with child safety resources and works closely with law enforcement to create safer communities. Old Navy also hosts child safety events every May in honor of raising funds and awareness for NCMEC.

black circle and arrow pointing down next to palantir written in black

Through its partnership with NCMEC, Palantir provides its data integration software in support of NCMEC's mission to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent future victimization. Palantir’s software allows NCMEC’s staff to find connections between disparate data sources, helping speed up and streamline its work to save the most vulnerable victims.

verisign logo: v inside of blue circle

Verisign is a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure. Verisign donated the use of a new software tool to NCMEC, built in-house by Verisign technologists, which improves the process of acting against domain names that lead to websites that are hosting child sexual abuse material. Verisign’s contribution of this powerful tool, along with its multiyear financial commitment, is valuable in helping NCMEC achieve our mission.

zoom written in lowercase bright blue

Zoom is committed to combatting abuse and harm on its platform. It also supports NCMEC with both in-kind and finanancial contributions. Additionally, Zoom has developed new processes to help identify abuse before it happens. In addition to a generous financial contribution, Zoom provides vital in-kind products and services to NCMEC. These donations enable NCMEC to deliver important trainings, meet with stakeholders in need of NCMEC’s resources and connect with child protection professionals, law enforcement officials, educators, families and survivors across the globe. 


Corporate partners at the Guardian level come from a variety of industries and have a substantial impact on NCMEC’s work. Through their financial support, NCMEC is able to provide vital resources in communities. 

police shield with afp written out on the right

The Australian Federal Police supports NCMEC in combatting the sexual exploitation of children, with an emphasis on CyberTipline reports involving Australia. Through its work, the AFP coordinates the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCE), which provides a consistent, holistic, and coordinated response to counter the online exploitation of children.

thumbnail, flock safety, logo

Flock Safety, the first public safety operating system for cities, has partnered with NCMEC since 2024 as part of its commitment to eliminating crime. Flock Safety’s technology is helping thousands of communities across the U.S. help keep children safe, and has been instrumental in the safe recovery and return of hundreds of missing persons. 

red circle with lexisnexis risk solutions written next to it in black

LexisNexis Risk Solutions supports NCMEC by sponsoring various events, including the annual Heroes’ and Hope Awards, the Long-Term Missing Children Summit, and the creation and management of the ADAM Program, which has assisted in the recovery of missing children since 2000. 

black square with white crown inside it, NCA written next to it in black

The National Crime Agency supports NCMEC's effort to combat the sexual exploitation of children, with an emphasis on CyberTipline reports involving the United Kingdom. Through its work, the NCA coordinates the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), which is tasked to work both nationally and internationally to bring online child sex offenders – including those involved in the production, distribution, and viewing of child abuse material – to the U.K. courts. 

pokemon written in yellow with blue outline

Pokémon’s work with NCMEC stems from a shared belief that all children have the right to be safe at play. Pokémon has provided generous financial support to critical prevention programming and other NCMEC initiatives that help make the world a safer place for children. 

ring written in lowercase gray with blue dot above i

Ring works to increase awareness of missing children by leveraging the power of neighborhood communities to help reunite missing children with their families. NCMEC missing child posters are featured directly on the Neighbors App by Ring to reach millions of engaged community members who can help bring more children home. Ring also donates funds to support NCMEC’s mission.

three red circles with securitas written below them in black

Securitas promotes health and safety, champions children’s causes, aids at-risk communities, and supports veterans. As NCMEC’s first security industry partner, Securitas brings to life its values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness by mobilizing its 100,000 skilled North American officers across nearly 20,000 client sites to support the search for missing and exploited children. Securitas also leverages its 400 North American branch offices for timely distribution of NCMEC posters and alerts. 

soloviev group in blue block text with dots over Vs

The Soloviev Group's seed investment is helping NCMEC launch its Global Child Sexual Exploitation Policy Platform, the first-of-its-kind platform developed to drive advocacy and help create consistent global policy and legislation to combat online child sexual exploitation.

yubo in lowercase yellow with gray outline

Yubo is a global social network that connects millions of young people around the world every day. NCMEC and Yubo collaborate on leveraging technology and NCMEC’s child protection information to reduce risk to young people, improve their digital awareness, and increase their online safety skills. Yubo’s commitment to online safety is further exemplified by the company’s ongoing efforts to remove child sexual abuse material from its platform.


Ally level supporters are critical to the work in finding missing children, reducing child sexual exploitation and preventing child victimization.

thumbnail, logo, ahla foundation

The AHLA Foundation is a key partner in amplifying hotel industry awareness of child protection issues, in support of its No Room for Trafficking initiative. They promote critical NCMEC resources to its members including ADAM Alerts, the NCMEC CyberTipline, and 1-800-THE-LOST. Through a generous monetary donation, the AHLA Foundation is strengthening NCMEC’s fight to protect children from sex trafficking.

thumbnail, airbnb, logo

Airbnb is committed to providing safe experiences for hosts and guests. Through its partnership with NCMEC, Airbnb bolsters its safety and reporting protocols when there are suspected endangerments to children. 

disney written in black

Disney has partnered with NCMEC to maintain a fun and safe online entertainment experience for children. The collaborative Teaching Digital Citizenship program arms educators, law enforcement officers, and others with the tools they need to teach internet safety to children ages five to 17. Disney’s continued support allows NCMEC to further critical initiatives in child safety and prevention.


As an advocate for child safety, Lifetouch® is NCMEC’s official provider of free child ID cards, the SmileSafe Kids card. Lifetouch understands that a current photo is one of the single most important resources in the recovery of a missing child. They staff a 24/7 rapid response team to provide current photos of missing children to NCMEC. This team has assisted with more than 2,400 searches, with SmileSafe Kids cards being credited in the recovery of children in 25 states.

match lowercase blue with a heart at the end

Match works diligently to keep underage users off its platforms. Through its commitment to safety and zero tolerance of exploitation, Match helps to establish a safer online dating world. 

thumbnail, snap, logo

Snap works closely with organizations like NCMEC because we know no one entity or organization can tackle these issues relating to online child sexual exploitation alone. We are honored to support NCMEC’s critical work and to participate in global initiatives to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse online.


The charitable contributions of partners at the Supporter level help provide hope to those who need it most.
DNA labs logo

DNA Labs International provides DNA testing to law enforcement agencies that may require assistance across the United States. By partnering with NCMEC, they can, when appropriate, help with cases that may require DNA technology. This support can assist victims and families in search of answers about their loved one.  

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DropBox builds safety practices with an emphasis on child protection.

geocomply written in blue with a "g' in a shield at the end

GeoComply partners with NCMEC through sponsorship of key events and amplification of child protection legislation. Its support of NCMEC's mission underscores its dedication to protecting vulnerable online consumers and making the internet a safer place.


Grayshift supports those who fight to protect children by sponsoring NCMEC’s annual Hero’s Awards and critical training events for law enforcement.

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Motorola Solutions supports NCMEC's professional education program that provides response training, technical assistance, and mental health resources to law enforcement personnel and others who investigate crimes against children.  

triangle-shaped orange shield with total defense written next to it in black

Total Defense supports NCMEC in its mission to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization. It provides quarterly monetary support for NCMEC to provide important programs that assist missing and exploited children nationwide.

"veri" in orange, "cast" in blue

Vericast, formerly Valassis, has produced powerful and profound results in NCMEC’s efforts to find missing children. In addition, Vericast employees hold fundraisers throughout the year to support NCMEC.


These partners provide access to tools, services and other resources that help further NCMEC’s work to protect children.  
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These partners provide resources to survivors and families NCMEC supports and to NCMEC partners to assist on cases relating to missing and exploited children.
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