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Professional Training

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The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) is committed to providing training, technical assistance and resources to public safety and child-serving professionals.

NCMEC hosts in-person classroom training sessions in its state-of-the-art Walsh Training Center located in our Alexandria, VA headquarters, as well as facilities located across the country at our regional offices and partner agencies. Online courses are available through NCMEC Connect, designed to provide easy access to training and resources for professionals on the frontlines.

Contact NCMEC training staff via email,

Online Learning: NCMEC Connect

NCMEC Connect is your virtual gateway to on-demand trainings, resources and best practices related to missing and exploited children. Access our learning platform to build your knowledge set around these issues to better protect children in your community.

  • Virtual Discussions
  • Missing & Exploited Children for 9-1-1
  • Missing & Exploited Children for Law Enforcement
  • NCMEC Resources
  • Resource Library
  • Teaching Online Safety
  • Trending Topics

Hybrid Learning

Combination of online and classroom

Protect. Reduce. Prevent: Leadership Seminar on Missing & Exploited Children

This course is designed for leaders in law enforcement agencies, emergency communications centers, state missing clearinghouses, and prosecutors' offices. Participants will engage in a hybrid format of online learning followed by three days of face-to-face training at NCMEC headquarters in Alexandria, VA.

This learning seminar will familiarize participants with issues related to missing and sexually exploited child cases. It will include effective policies and practices, emerging trends, technical assistance, promising practices, and NCMEC resources for responding to calls of missing and sexually exploited children.

Click here to view the PRPL course one pager.

Our 2024 PRPL trainings have reached capacity. We would love to see you in 2025!

PRPL Series Class Dates: 

June 11-13, 2024, and September 17-19, 2024

Topics Covered through a Case Study Approach Include: 

  • Missing Children and At-Risk Populations
  • Exploited Children, including Sextortion and Other Trends 
  • Child Sex Trafficking 
  • Community-Based Multi-Disciplinary Teams 
  • Trauma-informed, child-focused perspectives
  • Legal Issues 
  • Digital and Social Media Strategies 
  • Federal Resources 
  • Family and Survivor Assistance
  • Forensics
  • Responder Resilience and Wellness
  • Search Practices
  • Model Policies and Procedures
  • Community Assessment and Action Planning 


The cost of admission, training materials, airfare and lodging are covered through NCMEC.

Meals and refreshments provided during class time are funded through private donations. No federal funds are used to pay for food and beverages. 

Attendees are responsible for evening meals and ground transportation between the airport and lodging/training site. 

PRPL Course Requirements:  

• Applicants must be active members of a law enforcement agency, emergency communications center, prosecutors' offices, or state missing clearinghouse and in a formal leadership role.  

  • Prior to attendance:
    • Complete assigned self-paced online learning modules that provide a foundational understanding of NCMEC’s role as a national clearinghouse and resource center.
    • Complete Missing Kids Readiness Program (MKRP) self-paced online learning modules that provide promising practices for receiving and responding to calls of missing and sexually exploited children.
  • During the Seminar:
    • Complete the course Evaluation
    • Submit a community action plan
  • After the Seminar:
    • Complete and return progress surveys sent by NCMEC three months, and six months after course completion
  • Continuing Education Credits: NCMEC does not provide continuing educational credits (CEU) to participants. Upon successful completion of the PRPL training program, NCMEC will provide a training certificate that contains class name, date/location, and hours of the training. Learning objectives, course agendas, and instructor information are provided. It is the responsibility of the participants to work with their accrediting/certifying agencies to obtain continuing educational units. NCMEC will provide reasonable assistance and documentation to assist participants in obtaining CEUs. Please contact us at with any questions concerning this information.


Preview Draft of PRPL Hybrid Agenda

In-Person Learning

Emerging Trends

Emerging Emerging Trends Regional Training brings the most updated data and best practices for missing and exploited children to the state.

This free three-day training is open to child welfare professionals and sworn law enforcement. Attendees will hear about NCMEC and local resources, case studies and survivor perspectives.



Wichita Falls, TX
July 23-25, 2024

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Colorado Springs, CO
October 29-31, 2024

Organizational Training Programs

Missing Kids Readiness Program

MKRP promotes best practices for responding to calls of missing, abducted and sexually exploited children. Agencies will be recognized by NCMEC for meeting essential training and policy elements demonstrating preparedness for responding to a missing child incident.

Code Adam

Code Adam is a safety protocol for lost and potentially abducted children. It is designed to help businesses, parks, government buildings and other establishments ensure that they have safety protocols in place to respond quickly and effectively to situations involving a missing child.

Training Request

To request NCMEC representation at your training or conference event, please complete this form.

If you are interested in hosting a NCMEC training program, submit your request here.


Download publications related to the issues of missing children, child sexual exploitation, and safety and prevention.